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Branded Must-Haves For The Bakery

Branded Must-Haves For The Bakery

Leah Shkolnick
January 12
Satisfy your cravings with the best branded items for your bakery. Discover a delightful selection of products that sweeten your customer experience and elevate your bakery’s image. From custom bags and cups to masking tape to seal the boxes, this post will help you find the best products to hold all of your delectable delights.

Ready to sprinkle in some branding at your bakery? 

Consider using these 4 items in your shop to have your packaging look as good as your treats taste:

Bags - Whether your customers are enjoying their treats in the bakery, taking out (or both), paper bags are a classic way to distribute your treats. There’s the 

1-ply pastry bags for standard items like cookies and 2-ply for items that may be greasier and need a heavier duty bag. Looking for something larger for a more oblong shape? Our baguette and bread bags are the perfect sleeves to slip over your loaves for on the go!

pastry and bread bags.png

Coffee Cups Cold Cups - Whether hot or iced, nothing pairs better with pastries than coffee. Another classic combination? Supporting your favorite spots. With branded cups, your customers can show their support by providing a tangible way to identify and connect with your shop and others who visit, as well.

Branded Must-Haves For The Bakery - Coffee Cups.webp

Cold Cup Labels - Not sure you’re ready for fully branded cups due to meeting the minimums or pricing? Add a custom sticker to an otherwise blank cup for a quick and effective alternative.

Branded Must-Haves For The Bakery.webp

Masking Tape - Looking for a seal that’s customizable in size and decoration? Print your bakery’s logo or design on custom masking tape. Perfect for sealing up bakery boxes with tape of different lengths or delivery and take-out orders, masking tape is a versatile and decorative touch.

Branded Must-Haves For The Bakery - Masking Tape.webp

Branded Must-Haves For The Bakery
Growing your print business with the design community

Growing Your Print Business With The Design Community