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3 Favorite Hotel Lobbies To Work From In NYC

3 Favorite Hotel Lobbies To Work From In NYC

Leah Shkolnick
August 24

If you too like to WFHL...that's "Work From Hotel Lobby", we've rounded up 3 of our favorites.

Ace Hotel Brooklyn.png

We're starting off with the Ace Hotel in Brooklyn. You may be familiar with their location in Manhattan, but we're partial to this one. Before you get distracted by all of the fun products that they have up front, head to the main lobby to settle in. You can pick up a coffee or something stronger at the at the bar and there’s plenty of seating options between the main room, the garden, and their large communal table. Plus, there’s a Photo Booth if you need a break.

At night it shifts from lobby to lounge with music, cocktails and a warm, bustling energy.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.png

Where the Ace is more cozy, our next stop is much brighter at the One Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

You can enter through the front or their coffee shop, Neighbors for a more cafe-style setting, and once you have your coffee you can head to the main lobby. It’s full of plants, large windows, and comfy couches and textures. The neutral textures and colors are inviting and warm for hours on your laptop or in-between meetings. Finish early? Explore Dumbo right outside the exit.

PUBLIC Hotel.png

Our final location is in Manhattan at Public Hotel. Pick up a coffee or treat at Louis right when you enter, and while you can definitely work from here or these couches, you're going to want to go up. Take the iconic escalators up a floor to the second floor lobby. There’s chairs, risers, individual nooks, larger tables, couches, and a main lobby that’ll be having you say “I wish my living room looked like this”.

Which would you like to work from?

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