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5 Recyclability Tips For Your Packaging

5 Recyclability Tips For Your Packaging

Leah Shkolnick
January 20
Go green with 5 recyclability tips for sustainable packaging. Discover strategies to reduce your environmental impact and make your packaging more eco-friendly. From choosing recyclable materials and optimizing packaging design to educating consumers, we’re including valuable insight to help your business embrace more eco-friendly packaging practices.

When selecting single-use packaging for your cafe or restaurant, the general rule is that paper is always better than plastic. 

If you can’t get around using single-use packaging and looking for ways to increase your recyclability options, here are 5 tips to do so:

  1.  First, if possible, you’re going to want to remove all plastic from your packaging or have the option to detach it. Even situations where plastic is affixed to paper packaging can be problematic, as it cannot be separated.

  2.  One step up is removing all coatings from paper. These are your matte, gloss, and U.V. coatings. These types of coatings significantly reduce the recyclability of the paper, as well, as they can’t be removed. As an example, laminated paper can practically be considered non-recyclable due to the laminated coating that will contaminate the recycling when shredded in the process. If you’re still set on some type of finish, a varnish coating would be better for recyclability than an actual matte or gloss coating.

  3.  While foil stamped details are beautiful, they aren’t recyclable. Remove the foil and opt for an alternate decoration.

  4.  For seals and closures, increase recyclability by reducing the amount of ink and glue used in your packaging. Instead, think printed add-ons or foldable elements.

  5.  Not picky on paper? Anytime you are able to use Kraft or recycled paper, such as our recyclable digitally printed Thermal Cups, will be better than using a virgin, white or bleached paper due to the processes it takes to achieve that final look.

As for the best option? All natural. Using “raw” or uncoated paper is your best bet for recyclability, as it hasn’t been treated with added coatings or finishes.

5 Recyclability Tips For Your Packaging
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Growing Your Print Business With The Design Community