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What's Embroidery And Why It's So Popular With Brands For Apparel Swag

What's Embroidery And Why It's So Popular With Brands For Apparel Swag

Leah Shkolnick
December 13
Explore the art of embroidery and its popularity in apparel merchandise. Peek into a brief history and techniques behind this craft. Discover why embroidery has become a favorite choice for adding a touch of personalization and design for clothing and accessories. From classic logos to custom creations, uncover why embroidery continues to reign as a top choice for branding and personalization.

Embroidery is where designs and patterns are stitched onto fabric using a needle and thread or yarn. It is often used in creating ‘branded’ shirts, beanies, hoodies, hats or any cotton or poly fabric. It’s also used in creating design patterns on linens, drapery and towels. You know, the kind that makes grandma’s bathroom hand towels impossible to dry your hands with. 

Embroidery can be done using a variety of stitches, including chain stitch, cross stitch, and satin stitch, to create a wide range of effects and designs.  Embroidery and screen printing are the two most popular forms of printing custom designs on apparel. 

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One of the main reasons that embroidery is a great choice for apparel design is its versatility. With a wide range of different stitches and techniques, embroidery can be used to create a wide range of effects and designs. Whether you want to add a subtle stitching to a t-shirt, or create a 3d puff design on a fitted hat, embroidery has such a range in applications.


In addition to its versatility and durability, embroidery also offers a lower minimum order quantity than making your own custom garments from scratch. There are tons of ready made brands you can choose from, and then just apply your own look. Minimums generally start around 12 pieces with a setup cost around $50 and a unit cost per piece. 

Growing your print business with the design community

Growing Your Print Business With The Design Community