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Important Codes To Include With Your Brand Guidelines

Important Codes To Include With Your Brand Guidelines

August 14
Presenting a brand deck to a client? Be sure to include these 4 color codes for each of their brands colors.

Color codes are not just numbers; they are the foundation of your brand's visual identity. They ensure that your brand deck tells a consistent and compelling story across all touchpoints, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. So, before you finalize your brand deck, make sure your color codes are in order!

When presenting a brand deck to a client, it can be helpful to include a variety of color codes to ensure however their product is being printed or produced, that the color will remain consistent.

4 Codes To Include:

  1. Pantone (Coated and Uncoated)

  2. Hex Code

  3. RGB Values

  4. CMYK

For example, in our Templi brand guidelines below you can see the two colors: Purple and Cool Gray 1 and how that same color can be reflected across all color codes.

Untitled design (41).png

With color consistency for your branding, your visual language resonates with your audience, builds brand recognition, and ensures cohesiveness throughout.

Need an introduction (or even a refresher) into each of those codes? Check out our previous posts for further details:

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Growing Your Print Business With The Design Community